Our Harmonia Spa Center features a welcome lounge, a relaxation area, four massage, face and body treatment rooms, a sauna room, a hammam room, as well as a hair and nail salon. It is managed by the spa consultant company "Evridiki SPA Solutions", providing high quality services by professional spa therapists. Evridiki Spa Solutions uses premium products by:

The sources of inspiration that have created the unique APIVITA products worldwide are based on three Greek elements. These are the miraculous bee society, the unique Greek nature and the father of medicine Hippocrates.
Eugene Schueller graduates from the National School og Chemical Engineering of France in 1904 and proceeds to the foundation of the company that later on became L'Oréal that produces safe hair products since 1909.
China Glaze is an American professional nail polish brand. It was created around the year 2000 and is well known for their large variety of bright and unique colors.

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